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26. What does grading (Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Strenuous) mean?

Basically, trips and treks in Nepal are divided into four grades as Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Strenuous.  Grading measures the difficulty of trip and trekking trails technically and geographically. Easy and moderate trips are suitable for all the travelers while difficult and strenuous trips are suitable for seasoned travelers.

Easy trips

These trips are perfect for the first-timers. Here, you need to walk around four to five hours a day on average up to an altitude of 3000m.

Moderate trips

You need to walk six to seven hours on average daily up to an altitude of 4000m on trips of moderate grade.

Difficult trips

These trips are pretty hard, and one needs to have previous trekking experience and be mentally and physically prepared. Here, you’ll trek up to 5000m.

Strenuous trips

Here, you’ll travel above 5000m. You might also be using climbing gears such as crampons and ice axe. It is best suitable for those travelers who want to experience extreme adventure and enjoy the wilderness. These trips also require massive preparation prior to the beginning of the journey.