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13. What type of insurance should I need to have before coming to Nepal? Can I get insurance there?

While you are traveling to Nepal, personal travel insurance is a must. You must have an insurance that covers the risks involved during your trip to the country. Most of the insurances cover the accidents that can occur during travel which are only viable for short treks, tours, and hikes. Longer and strenuous treks, peak climbing, and expeditions require an insurance that covers medical services, immediate evacuation, and Heli-rescues as well. You will be asked to present the insurance document mandatorily before the trip begins and failure to do so can result in cancellation of the trip.  Your travel insurance must also cover for the stolen, lost, or delayed baggage.


Yes, you can easily get insurance from the various insurance company in Nepal. However, it is recommended that you get insurance from a renowned company in your country itself. You are also required to take a certificate of such insurance on your trip.