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Nepal, a country blessed with natural enigmas and humble faces to compliment and preserve those delights, always gathered great interest from enthusiasts all over the globe. Corporate Adventure Treks, as the name suggests aspires to be a company with a morally roots driving to lead it. Our trip packages are based on various destinations around the country which are all fascinating in their own rights but deliver to the expectations of a traveler.

Any and all trip packages are carefully crafted to ensure the best of what they have to offer to the travelers and are also directed to assist the local communities and traveling trails to develop under great supervision. The riches of the country have been the source of great interest and have to be conserved to maintain and increase the similar inflow. The communities in the trekking trails obviously benefit from the influx of tourists to those areas. This not just helps them to be stable financially, but also motivates the locals to preserve the cultural and natural heritage. The local culture and authentic tastes are primarily focused and prioritized so that future involvements in the areas during trips can offer the same quality. Moreover, the company also has taken initiatives to conduct programs that benefit the local communities in the renovation and development of infrastructures in those very regions. While traveling, it is also vital to realize that the travel footprints are set to a minimum or none. Our trip members like guides and porters are aware of the fact and are always ready to put their efforts to do so. We also encourage our clients to have a similar approach when traveling in Nepal. 

All in all, Corporate Adventure Treks, although a travel agency, aims to create ambiance in the country that promotes the approach that we have taken. Rather than being driven to just do business for namesake, our company keeps in mind that the environment and methods that we take are also equally amicable to the society and grounds that we operate on.